The Incredible Honey Bee…A Hive Removal


As useful as honeybees are to our way of life, sometimes they become a nuisance. Normally the trouble happens when a queen as well as her fans settle in someone else’s property or company. The conversation normally begins with the pet parent stating that they are discovering dead honey bees in their building. The majority of the moment the structure in question is a home, though I have actually seen and removed hives from block buildings to sheds to Recreational Vehicle campers. The individual one that I eliminated was the only carpeted hive that I have actually handled. The bees set up shop in the area that housed the power cord to the Recreational Vehicle in the bedroom. They were living in design.

Pointer One – The Meeting

There are a few questions that I will certainly ask the customer. Are you certain they are honeybees? I have been told “Yes” only to learn when I get there that the pests are yellow coats. How do you know that they are honey bees? Proof of honey leaking down a wall surface is a great sign. Just since they might “appear like one” is not concrete proof. There are a number of bees, wasps, and also hornets that can pass for honey bees to the uninformed. I ask the caller concerning the type of residence they remain in. Normally, honey bees will certainly be in an outside wall surface though I have eliminated them from the spacing between floors, nonetheless, they were still towards the outdoors wall surface. If somebody tells me they remain in the attic or in the basement or under the house, I am somewhat cynical. Once more, I found one hive that truly was under a house.

Step 2 – Examine the Hive

When satisfied that I might without a doubt have an energetic hive I will certainly set up for a free estimate. Yes, I do charge to eliminate honey bees. Some think that the honey as well as the that I recover need to be payment enough. Nevertheless, I am not the one with the bee trouble. I am the one with the expertise as well as the tools and also the cost of the honey, the beeswax and just what bees I save does not counter the price of my time. That’s merely company. Likewise, I assure my work. That is, I ensure the will certainly not be back with in the year or I will come remove the new free of cost.

Step Three – Master plan

So we have an energetic honey bee hive. What currently? After examining the scenario I make a decision ways to get rid of either the interior or outside wall surface facing to access the hive. The set up is based upon the tools that I require which can vary from a container vehicle to scaffold to ladder. I estimate the time it will take to get rid of the hive as well as how many helpers I will certainly need (have to pay them). I will provide a standard estimate to the homeowner of the expense of elimination and repair work of the structure. The price quote will generally range from the lowest price to the greatest. Besides, we truly do not know what we have up until we eliminate the wall surface encountering and then it’s too late to bargain with countless buzzing about.

Step 4 – The Removal

Once we wear our bee protective equipment we will certainly compel smoke right into the hive. This does 2 points: one it will certainly plain the ‘ senses as well as it will deceive the right into assuming there is a fire. The dulling of the senses makes it harder for the to locate you. When one does as well as chooses to sting she will note you so the others could discover you too. With dulled detects it is harder for them to situate. The second, the assuming there is a fire will require them to the honey shops, where they will certainly gorge themselves in case the nest need to leave. Through this they will have honey to begin another hive.

With a special bee vacuum cleaner I eliminate as several as possible into a holding cage by sucking them up. This cage is created to hold the without hurting them. However, as you may think not everyone makes the rough trip right into the cage without damage, specifically the vulnerable queen. She hardly ever could deal with the misuse, however the workers will do well.

With a scraper the honeycomb is removed and also placed in a pail or frying pan. The were pulled off the comb prior to the comb is positioned in the container. The comb is divided into 2 pails or frying pans. One frying pan will hold predominantly honeycomb and also the other will certainly hold brood (ones with eggs) and also pollen. I do not want to blend these up considering that I am trying to conserve the honey too. Both sets of comb will be taken into a fridge freezer. This will certainly kill insects (tiny hive beetles and such) any other honey bees. This is quick and also painless to the bees.

As soon as all the comb and the majority of the have been removed it is time to clean up and seal the wall surface back. The tooth cavity is dusted with a slow-moving acting poison and also the remaining bees are splashed with chemical. As long as I would love to save every bee Miami, it is not useful to do so. Some will have to be eliminated. Nevertheless, the majority will be taken active.

Relying on the size of the hive and area, the choice may be to allow it “air out” prior to sealing it back up. When the hive is ready to be secured, whatever facing that was eliminated will certainly be put back in position. All entrances to the previous hive will be sealed and the coating will usually appear like there was never ever a hive there.


I take the bees and attempt to incorporate them right into an existing hive that I have. I discuss this in more information in the short article “The Incredible Honey Bee … Combining Colonies, Cross Your Fingers.”

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